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Work Group Farmpedia

In collaboration with the "Enseigner l'élevage" team

(Teaching Animal farming team)

"Teaching Animal Farming" group is a group of teacher-researchers from the major agronomy and veterinary schools 
to accompany the teachers of the general courses of study

The "Teaching animal farming" group was born from the observation that many citizens know little about livestock farming and how the food they eat every day is produced. Education is essential to inform young people about agriculture and livestock. This group was created within the Scientific Interest Group Élevages Demain and continues within the GIS Avenir Élevages (Livestock systems Futures).

What is the GIS Avenir Élevages ?


The group "Enseigner l'élevage" (Teaching Livestock farming), mainly composed of teachers from higher education in agriculture, wishes to offer support to high school teachers in addressing this topic, by providing educational resources and useful information that are easily accessible and sourced.

The team : 

Mission leader : Alizée Chouteau (GIS Avenir Elevages) between 2017 and 2021, then Aurore Duval 2021-2023

Coordinator :  Gilles Brunschwig (VetAgro Sup) (with the help of Catherine Disenhaus (Agrocampus Ouest) before 2023)

Members :

  • Anne-Charlotte Dockes (Livestock Institute)

  • René Baumont (research director, INRAE)

  • Jean-Louis Peyraud (research direcor INRAE)

  • Eve Balard (Higher agricultural education - VetAgro Sup Clermont-Ferrand)

  • Nathalie Bareille (Higher agricultural education - Oniris Nantes)

  • Audrey Barrere (SVT teacher in secondary school, Bordeaux)

  • Claire Collas (Higher agricultural education - ENSAIA Nancy)

  • Philippe Lescoat (Higher agricultural education - AgroParisTech)

  • Jean-Baptiste Menassol (Higher agricultural education - Montpellier SupAgro)

  • Emmanuelle Zanchi (Agricultural education - DGER, national coordinator of the "Livestock" network)

  • Caroline Guinot and Marie-Laure Treussart (INTERBEV - Meat Industry Interprofession)

  • Philippe Rochard (CNIEL - Centre National Interprofessionnel de l'Economie Laitière).

Blog editor : Aurore Duval (VetAgroSup)

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